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Network of War Collections in the Netherlands


Researchers are often faced with the challenge that historical sources are dispersed throughout various archives, collections, museums and memorials. Complementary data and information are grouped and catalogued following the logic of the individual institutions, and not necessarily with other institutions' collections or with potential users and researchers in mind.

At the IHRA Plenary Meetings, which took place in Bern from 27 - 30 November 2017, the founders of the Network War Collections – Netwerk Oorlongsbronnen from the Netherlands were invited to talk to IHRA delegates about how they are seeking to address this challenge by bringing archival material together in one digital space, creating a basic thesaurus and providing context - an initiative relevant to IHRA's goal to ensure access to documents bearing on the Holocaust.

Forbidden Music Regained


The Leo Smit Foundation has launched a new English language website 'Forbidden Music Regained' which offers access to a searchable database with 35 biographies and nearly 1,900 works and audio samples by composers who lived and worked in the Netherlands and were persecuted in World War II. For Cornelia Hermann the launch of the website 'Forbidden Music Regained' meant she could hear for the very first time a piece of music her Jewish Hungarian-born father had dedicated to her in 1939, when she was seven - 'Pièces pour piano a quatre mains'.

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