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Holocaust Memorial Days

Multi-Year Work Plan on Holocaust Memorial Days

The Holocaust Memorial Days project of the Multi-Year Work Plan seeks to coordinate a visit of IHRA representatives to participate in programs related to Holocaust Memorial Day with a view to foster Holocaust education, remembrance and research, promote the goals of the Stockholm Declaration, and raise awareness about the work of the IHRA. 

The project aims to:

  • Promote the development of solid professional knowledge base within the IHRA community and beyond. 
  • Highlight the work of the IHRA and the expertise of those affiliated with it within member countries that have already invested efforts in Holocaust education, remembrance and research as well as those countries that chose to buttress this effort.
  • Implement the Stockholm Declaration (2000) as articulated in Article 7, "We share a commitment to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and to honor those who stood against it. We will encourage appropriate forms of Holocaust remembrance, including an annual Day of Holocaust Remembrance, in our countries."

Holocaust Memorial Day Roundtables

The Steering Committee on Holocaust Memorial Days holds roundtables on Holocaust Memorial Day programming for IHRA Observer Countries.

The first roundtable was held on 2-3 December 2015 in Budapest, with representatives from Albania, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as well as the OSCE. The program fostered open discussion about challenges and successes in organizing Holocaust Memorial Days and related educational processes, and resulted in strong networking and the exchange of ideas between the countries.

Country Visits

Aiming to share knowledge and best practices, the MYWP on Holocaust Memorial projects organizes senior-level meetings with government representatives, policy-makers, scholars, and representatives of civil society organizations. IHRA delegations, including the IHRA Chair, the Advisor to IHRA, IHRA’s Executive Secretary and affiliated experts have visited Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Spain under the auspices of the MYWP.

Further information: Reports

  • Report: Visit to Finland, January 2015
  • Report: Joint IHRA/OSCE-ODIHR Visit to Moldova, January 2014
  • Report: Visit to Hungary and Poland, April 2013
  • Report and Comments by the Academic Advisor: Visit to Spain and Ireland, January 2013




International Holocaust Memorial Day Activities

The Steering Committee on Holocaust Memorial Days completed a comprehensive overview of Holocaust Remembrance Days in IHRA's 31 member countries.  

IHRA also compiles an annual overview of the events commemorating International Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January).  To view the lists, please select a year below.

Annual overview of commemoration events:

  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017
  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2016
  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2015
  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014
  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2013
  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2012
  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2011
  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2010


Holocaust Memorial Days - Development, Commemoration and Education Presentations

Members of the Museums and Memorials Working Group (MMWG) gave presentations on Holocaust Memorial Days during the MMWG's May 2014 meeting in London.  The presentations focused on the development, commemoration and education aspects of Holocaust Memorial Days as well as the equalities, differences, and challenges of Holocaust Memorial Days in different countries.

"Holocaust Memorials Days in the OSCE Region – an International Overview" - Anne Giebel, OSCE/ODIHR  

"Civil Society Initiatives and the Educational Aspect of Holocaust Memorial Day" - Solvej Berlau, Delegation of Denmark  

"Holocaust Memorial Day in Switzerland" - Francois Wisard, Delegation of Switzerland

Steering Committee on Holocaust Memorial Days:

  • Richelle Budd-Caplan (Chair) - Israel
  • Brigitte Bailer - Austria
  • Solvej Barlau - Denmark
  • Sira Fatucci - Italy
  • Olivia Marks-Woldman - United Kingdom
  • Heidemarie Uhl - Austria
  • Adalbert Wagner - Austria