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Holocaust Issues - Israel's Chairmanship Project 2010


Antisemitism Today

The Holocaust and Genocide

The Holocaust and Minority Rights

Preservation and Marking of Sites

Dealing with the Past


About the Chair's Project

Israel's flagship project during its 2010 chairmanship of the ITF features a series of collaborative learning events made available onlineto the worldwide community of policymakers interested in Holocaust remembrance and consciousness, ITF members, and educators. As part of capacity building efforts, the project focuses on relevant topics such as antisemitism today, Holocaust and genocide, minority rights, dealing with the past, and Holocaust denial. It promotes accessibility to these issues and widens the target audience due to its digital nature.

Six video conferences took place with the participation of leading academics and international audiences of ITF delegates and students. These learning events focused on key contemporary issues in Holocaust remembrance and consciousness, providing tools for policymakers and educators to fulfill the ITF's mission on a global scale.

A unique module on the ITF website has been created to broadcast these events and foster further discussion about these relevant issues. Israel's ITF delegation is working to popularize the project through an online campaign to solidify relationships with existing partners and reach new constituencies.