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News Austria


On the 13th April 2011 the Embassy of the State of Israel and the President of the Austrian Parliament Barbara Prammer organized ihe posthumous honoring of the Austrian parish priest Balthasar Linsinger as “Righteous Among the Nations” in the Austrian Parliament building in Vienna.


Since 1992 the Republic of Austria has been providing a unique programme of international dialogue called „Gedenkdienst". In this programme young Austrians may serve - as an alternative to military service - in organisations focused on Holocaust remembrance, education, research and awareness.


Last week at the Ottawa Conference on Combating Antisemitism, the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism and the Austrian Embassy Ottawa organized the screening of the Austrian film documentary "Estranged Passengers - In Search of Viktor Ullmann". Also last week dring the Holocaust Education Week in Toronto, the Austrian Embassy and the Cultural Forum Ottawa presented the Austrian documentary "The Man on the Balcony" by Kurt Brazda.


On 5 November 2010 a model of Schloss Hartheim (Hartheim Castle) in Upper Austria was handed over to the Ambassador of the United States of America in Vienna, William Carlton Eacho, by the Secretary General for European and International Affairs, Johannes Kyrle, in the Foreign Ministry in Vienna/ Austria.

Austrian Exile in Italy 1938-1945

The Italian translation of the book "Österreichisches Exil in Italien. 1938-1945" (Austrian Exile in Italy. 1938-1945) will be presented on 12th and 13th October 2010 at the Austrian Cultural Forums in Rome and Milan, respectively.

Memorial sites for the victims of National Socialism in Austria

Memorial sites for the victims of National Socialism and sites relating to the period of National Socialism in general are to be found in all Austrian provinces. They are important places of remembrance of the sufferings and deaths of so many people. They are also a challenge to our capacity to understand: How could it all happen? How could a society be willing to commit and support such crimes?

Austrian Jews in Latvia cover

Austrian and Latvian historians and researchers worked together for some years researching the fate of Austrian Jews who fled the territory of Nazi-occupied Austria between 1938 and 1940 and went to Latvia in search for a safe haven. The Austrian Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the Research of the consequences of the wars and the Occupation Museum in Riga, Latvia, continued their ongoing cooperation in publishing a collection of research results connected to this subject.

Memorial Mauthausen

5 May 2010 marks the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Mauthausen concentration camp complex.

Handover ceremony Austria - Norway

The pictures were taken at the "HANDOVER CEREMONY Austria - Norway", held in Vienna, Austria on March 17, 2009.