Working Group Chairs at the IHRA Plenary Session in Mechelen, Belgium
(Credit: Government of Flanders)

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About IHRA's Committees and the Multi-Year Work Plan


IHRA has three committees that bring experts from all Working Groups together to address topics that are of contemporary interest to the IHRA and of a cross-cutting nature across its three principle areas of activity.  These committees are the Committee on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial, the Committee on the Genocide of the Roma, and the Committee on the Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity.

Multi-Year Work Plan

The Multi-Year Work Plan (MYWP) was conceived to further the process of cohesion with a structured plan to enhance cooperation and coordination between all IHRA bodies and ensure continuity between successive Chairmanships.  The Multi-Year Work Plan will enable the IHRA and its member countries to advance the goals outlined in the Stockholm Declaration by strengthening its efforts to promote education, remembrance, and research about the Holocaust.

The Multi-Year Work Plan capitalizes on the convening authority of the IHRA to encourage close cooperation between experts and governmental representatives.  It seeks to:

  • Develop and establish solid professional knowledge bases;
  • Advance the development of a common professional terminology;
  • Shape the discourse within the IHRA, its member countries, and beyond; and
  • Recommend the implementation of guidelines and future courses of direction.

The work plan is composed of four interrelated initiatives that will shape the course of the IHRA in the coming years by providing a clear strategy, defined and achievable goals, and measurable outcomes.  IHRA experts identified four cross-cutting issues to form the basis of the Multi-Year Work Plan:  archives, educational research, Holocaust memorial days, and killing sites.  Each project is managed by a Steering Committee consisting of experts from the Academic, Education, and Memorials and Museums Working Groups.  

Each program under the MYWP is working at the leading edge of Holocaust education, remembrance, and research.  The results of the MYWP will generate great interest among policymakers, scholars, educators and the media, and thereby raise the visibility of the IHRA as a leading voice in this field and in the shaping of Holocaust discourse in contemporary society.