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Teaching About the Holocaust Without Survivors

First-person survivor testimony has been an integral part of Holocaust education since its inception. We are now faced with the necessity of teaching the Holocaust without survivors and other first-person eyewitnesses, which has already become a reality in many parts of the educational world in most, if not all countries. Fortunately, there are large collections of oral histories that are readily available for classroom use in whole or in part.

The IHRA's Education Working Group has developed the document Teaching About the Holocaust Without Survivors in order to assist educators in view of this new reality. The document was released for publication by decision of the IHRA Plenary in December 2010.

This document is also available in the following languages:

Bulgarian: Преподаване на Холокоста при отсъствие на оцелели от него

Dutch: Lesgeven over de Holocaust zonder bijdrage van overlevenden

Greek: Διδάσκοντας το Ολοκαύτωμα χωρίς επιζώντες

Italian: Insegnare l'Olocausto senza i sopravvissuti

Lithuanian: Mokymas apie holokaustą be jį išgyvenusiųjų

Portuguese: Ensinar o Holocausto sem Sobreviventes

Romanian: Predarea materiilor despre Holocaust în absenţa supravieţuitorilor

Russian: Обучение урокам Холокоста в отсутствии переживших его

Spanish: Enseñanza del Holocausto sin sobrevivientes

German: Unterricht über den Völkermord an den Europäischen Juden (Holocaust, Shoah) ohne Holocaust-Überlebende