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Grant Programme

IHRA Grant Programme

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance has decided to pause the funding of new internal projects and the 2018 Call for Applications for external projects until such time as an organizational strategy had been agreed. We will continue to respect the financial commitments that have already been made for the internal and external projects. The allocated funds for the running number of 4 internal projects and 43 grants that are continuing to be administered by IHRA, will be spent as was planned for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

We understand that organizations may feel disappointed that no new applications can be considered at this time. The IHRA is committed to ensuring that the organization’s financial resources are spent responsibly and that projects are monitored and evaluated in line with best practices to ensure their effectiveness and sustainability. Revising the Grant Programme in line with the organizational strategy will help to target spending and increase the impact of the IHRA’s activities.


All enquiries can be directed to the IHRA Permanent Office at info [at]