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Delegation Members

Sandro De Bernardin (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) – Head of Delegation

Giuseppe Pierro (Ministry of Education) – Deputy Head of Delegation

Simonette Della Seta (Advisor to the Italian Ambassador to Israel)- Communications Working Group

Sira Fatucci (Union of the Italian Jewish Communities) – Museums and Memorials Working Group

Silvia Guetta (University of Florence) - Education Working Group

Gadi Luzzatto Voghera (Foundation Jewish Contemporary Documentation Centre) - Memorials and Museums Working Group

Victor Magiar (Union of Italian jewish Communities) - Communication Working Group

David Meghnagi (Università degli Studi di Roma 3 Dipartimento di Sciende dell' Educazione) – Academic Working Group

Anna Piperno (Ministry of Education) – Education Working Group

Micaela Procaccia (Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities) – Museums and Memorials Working Group

Michele Sarfatti (Foundation Jewish Contemporary Documentation Centre)- Academic Working Group

Michela Carboniero (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)