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News Hungary


The Brussels Institute of the Action and Protection Foundation in Budapest has released its May and June 2013 reports on antisemitic hate crimes and incidents.


Hungary is to provide funding to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation as part of the Holocaust Memorial Year in Hungary in 2014, and will also take part in the Foundation's International Committee.


The Action and Protection Foundation in Budapest has launched a new program to monitor antisemitism.


Organized by the Holocaust Memorial Center and the Ács Városért Társaság, an NGO formed by local patriots in the town of Ács, a new book on the 1944 Strasshof deportations was presented at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Budapest on May 8, 2013.


The Budapest March of the Living attracted over 25,000 people in the Hungarian capital on 21 April 2013.


The photo exhibition “‘Russians Jews Germans’ – Photographs by Michael Kerstgens from 1992 to the Present,” with the support of both the German Federal and the Hungarian Foreign Ministries, was opened in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary on 5 March 2013.


The Hungarian Holocaust 2014 Memorial Committee held its founding session on 17 January 2013. The Government set up the body, which is responsible for preparing the commemorative events marking the 70th anniversary of the deportation of Hungarian Jews in 2014.


Honoring Professor Emeritus Dr. Randolph Louis Braham, internationally renowned scholar of the Holocaust in Hungary, the Board of Trustees of the Holocaust Memorial Center decided to name its new information center for Randolph L. Braham.


This week, events have been taking place around the world to commemorate the Swedish diplomat and hero, Raoul Wallenberg. Wallenberg was working as a Swedish diplomat in Nazi-occupied Budapest, and managed to rescue thousands of Jews from deportation to death camps through the distribution of protection documents and by harboring Jews in buildings marked as Swedish territory. He went missing after his arrest by Soviet forces in Hungary on 17 January 1945.


A conference was held in Budapest, Hungary in December 2010 on Antisemitism and Antisemitic conspiracy theories organized jointly by the Political Capital Institute and Central European University (pictured). The premise of the conference was that the 2008 global financial crisis breathed new life into antisemitic conspiracy theories and the conference was devoted in part to a discussion of Holocaust denial.