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IHRA Plenary Meetings in Bucharest


From 23-26 May 2016 the IHRA is holding its first bi-annual Plenary meeting under the Romanian Chairmanship in Bucharest. 

Over four days around 200 experts and policymakers from the IHRA’s 31 Member Countries, ten Observer Countries, and seven international partner organisations will gather to discuss Holocaust education, research and remembrance as a contemporary political issue.

IHRA’s Education Research Project will present the outcome of the concluding conference on research on education about the Holocaust which was held from 14-17 February 2016 in Lucerne. The project report will be published in 2017 as the third volume in the IHRA publication series.

The IHRA Plenary will discuss topics such as the IHRA evaluation, endangered sites, and a working definition of antisemitism.

The second volume in the IHRA publication series “Bystanders, Rescuers or Perpetrators? The Neutral Countries and the Shoah” was published in March 2016 and is available free of charge on the IHRA website.

Other IHRA projects currently in progress include; the planning for a conference on the topic of the mass murder of people with disabilities and its connection to the Holocaust in 2017, a research project on institutions, museums, governmental and non-governmental organizations that offer programs using a comparative approach to teach about the Holocaust and genocide, and a possible conference in 2017 on the topic of refugees together with the Holy See.

IHRA is a unique intergovernmental organization which places political and social leaders’ support behind the need for Holocaust education, remembrance and research both nationally and internationally.  

For a picture of the IHRA’s year in review, please see the organization’s online annual report:

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