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Spain to strengthen its network for Holocaust education

Tribute to Shlomo Venezia a judeo-spanish Auschwitz survivor

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, together with Casa Sefarad-Israel and the Ministry of Education, is organizing a conference in Madrid on 27-29 May for over 200 educators on transmitting Holocaust history.

On 27 May, the conference will start with an institutional opening introduced by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice, and will be followed by a tribute to Shlomo Venezia, a Judeo-Spanish Auschwitz survivor. French Rabbi Daniel Farhi, Rev. Emil Shoufani from Nazareth, the historian Marcello Pezzetti, the journalist Béatrice Pasquier and a Yad Vashem representative, among others, are scheduled to take part.

Various related workshops will be held on 28 and 29 May at the "Residencia de Estudiantes", at 21-23 Pinar Street:

Workshop 1: Summer seminars at Yad Vashem: before and after 

Workshop 2: Remembrance trips: logistic and symbolic elements

Workshop 3: Acts of Remembrance: models, stage-sets and actors

Workshop 4: Educational resources: needs and opportunities

Workshop 5: Holocaust and Universities: A new field for study and transmission?

Workshop 6: Thematic subgroups: journeys from the specific to the universal