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Shoah Academy Holds Training Course in Zagreb from 20-22 November 2012


The Shoah Academy is a project of the Jewish Community of Zagreb, focused on ensuring pertinent remembrance, honor and respect for the history and its victims and the education on human rights.

The aim of the project is to foster action and debate on that particular topic with the reflection to history and comparison with EU experience, legislation, and adopted standards. It intends to combine lectures, discussions, testimonies and workshops based on the Becavta methodology of "learning democracy" created by Adam Institute from Israel.

For the first time the Shoah Academy will hold a training course for teachers of elementary and secondary schools in Zagreb from 20-22 November 2012.

Lectures will be given by prominent experts, as permanent members of the Project:  Zoran Pusić (human rights), Mirjana Krizmanić (psychology), Zlatan Gelb (media), Neven Budak, (history), Renato Matić (sociology), Snješka Knežević (history of art), Žarko Puhovski (philosophy). It will also include a guest from the Holocaust Memorial Museum in the USA, Emil Kerenyi, as well as Boris Braun and Oto Konstein as survivors.  Laila Šprajc and Vera Šimić will hold the Becavta workshop.

The program and additional information are available at the web pages of the Jewish Community of Zagreb and the Education and Teacher Training Agency, as a co-organizer.