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New report: International Status of Holocaust Education


UNESCO and the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research have published a new study: "International Status of Education about the Holocaust: A Global Mapping of Textbooks and Curricula (ISEH)"  which compares ways in which the Holocaust is presented in curricula and textbooks worldwide.

The book offers analyses of 272 curricula from 135 countries, and 89 textbooks published in 26 countries since 2000. The study can be viewed here.

Aimed primarily at educational policymakers, teachers, academics and textbook authors, the study formulates recommendations for the development of educational content and policies about the Holocaust. These recommendations relate to such issues as the use of concepts, the comprehensiveness of historical facts, the definition of the causes of the genocide, the combination of universal and local approaches, and the development of historical literacy.
 More information including an interview of one of the principal investigator, Mr Peter Carrier is accessible on UNESCO’s webpage.