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Roundtable on Holocaust Memorial Days


On 2-3 December 2015, IHRA held a roundtable in Budapest on challenges related to preparing Holocaust Memorial Days, for representatives of three of IHRA’s observer countries.

Representatives from Albania, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia met for the roundtable, which was organized by IHRA's Steering Committee on Holocaust Memorial Days. The event was also attended by a representative of the OSCE/ODIHR.

The program fostered open discussion about challenges and successes in organizing Holocaust Memorial Days and related educational processes, in each of the participating countries. Presentations on the Holocaust Memorial Days in the OSCE Region and examples from Auschwitz Day in Denmark were featured in the program. Participants also undertook an interactive multimedia tour of the Holocaust memorial by the Danube, as an example of an educational and commemorative activity.

The roundtable resulted in strong networking and the exchange of ideas between the countries. Similar challenges were identified between the countries and valuable ideas about overcoming these were developed. Possibilities for regional cooperation were also explored.

We look forward to following the events that will take place in each of the participating countries on and surrounding 27 January and their own Holocaust Memorial Days this year.

Photo: particpants of the IHRA roundtable visit the Holocaust memorial on the Danube.