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Roundtable on Holocaust Memorial Days


From 2-3 December IHRA is holding a roundtable in Hungary on challenges related to preparing Holocaust Memorial Days.

The intended target audience of the roundtable is representatives from three of IHRA’s observer countries: Albania, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The roundtable is organized by IHRA's project on Holocaust Memorial Days. The event is also being attended by a representative of OSCE/ODIHR.

Each observer country was asked to nominate one decision-maker and one practitioner in national Holocaust Memorial Day policy to participate. Experts from the Hungarian delegation to IHRA are also invited to take part in the proceedings.

In the course of the round table, each participant will be expected to present a visual aid, such as a poster, a website, pictures from a ceremony, booklet, school projects or programs that help the other participants relate to the successes and the challenges that their countries have encountered when organizing and carrying out Holocaust Memorial Day initiatives.

The roundtable will provide an opportunity to network, exchange ideas, discuss the participating countries' experiences in the course of organizing Holocaust Memorial Day programming, and share best practices. It will also provide an opportunity to strengthen ties between IHRA and the participating IHRA observer countries.

Follow the event on Twitter with the hashtag #HMD