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IHRA Visit to Lisbon


From 22-23 September the IHRA Chair, Ambassador Mihnea Constantinescu, and IHRA Executive Secretary, Dr Kathrin Meyer, attended a conference and a number of high level meetings in Lisbon, Portugal.

The IHRA Chair held meetings with key representatives from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On the evening of the 22 Sepember, the IHRA Chair had a guided tour in the Lisbon Synagogue before addressing participants at a conference entitled ''Virtues of Tolerance' held at the Lisbon Geographical Society. The audience had the opportunity to listen to testimonies from Mr. Liviu Beris, President of the Romanian Jewish Association of Victims of the Holocaust, a survivor of the deportation of Jews in Transnístria. Portuguese writer Esther Mucznik, President of Memoshoa (Portuguese Association of Holocaust Remembrance) and Ambassador Luís Barreiros, Head of the Portuguese Delegation at the IHRA also participated in the event.

The visit aimed to promote IHRA’s mission and its main objectives with representatives of the Potuguese Government and with various Portuguese organizations focusing on the memory of the Holocaust.

The IHRA Chair also took the opportunity to meet with the full Portuguese Delegation to the IHRA. Portugal is one of IHRA's eleven Observer Countries.