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Conference Report


The report of IHRA’s conference on “Killing Sites – Research and Remembrance” under the Multi-Year Work Plan was presented at the IHRA Plenary in London.

IHRA’s Steering Committee for the killing sites project prepared the comprehensive report documenting the outcomes and recommendations from the successful conference, which took place in Krakow, Poland on 22-23 January 2014.  The report names global and regional actors in the field, summarizes past endeavors, and analyzes recent approaches to provide an overview of the subject.

The conference, hosted by the Pedagogical University of Krakow, was attended by a variety of experts in the field.  Current IHRA Chair Sir Andrew Burns and former IHRA Chair Dr. Mario Silva addressed the participants, and Advisor to the IHRA Steven Katz moderated one of the sessions.  Attendees had the opportunity to attend a number of panel discussions focusing on the presentation of field work and various projects, regional perspectives and local circumstances, and databases, education, and commemoration. 

For more information about IHRA’s killing sites project under the Multi-Year Work Plan initiative, please click here.