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Call for Applications


IHRA has implemented new changes to its Grant Programme 2015-2018.  Learn more about IHRA’s funding policies and how you can start your application for the 2015 call now.

IHRA's Grant Strategy aims to strengthen the political commitment of governments in order to ensure future generations will understand the causes of the Holocaust and reflect upon its consequences.

The objectives of IHRA's Funding Policy are to:

  • Increase government involvement in creating programmes and infrastructure that will focus awareness on the Holocaust and contribute to combating antisemitism and xenophobia;
  • Create sustainable structures for Holocaust education, remembrance, and research and, to that end, co-fund large-scale projects targeting multipliers;
  • Fund multilateral projects and thereby stimulate the international exchange of expertise and a shared culture of remembrance.

The Grant Strategy consists of two programmes:

1) Develop strategies for Holocaust Memorial Days in a way that injects substance, real meaning and educational value into these events.

2) Raise awareness and promote research into the causes of the Holocaust, its driving forces and mechanism, with a view to preventing genocide, ethnic cleansing, racism, antisemitism, and xenophobia.

IHRA calls for grant applications from organizations and institutions in the field of Holocaust education, remembrance, and research that wish to carry out projects which fit within the remit of one of these two programmes.  IHRA encourages grant applications that cut across the IHRA's mandate fields with activities combining education, remembrance, and research.  

Applications with the following special focuses are encouraged: genocide of the Roma, new research fields, projects that further support IHRA's Multi-Year Work Plan, Holocaust denial, new technologies and social media, and public campaigns and installations.

Interested in applying?

  • Assess your project’s eligibility for funding with our grant checklist for applicants.   
  • Read through the grant guidelines before applying, which include the changes to IHRA’s Grant Strategy for the 2015-2018 funding period.  
  • Explore our Grant Programme page on the IHRA website for more information on the criteria and procedures, previously funded projects, and featured project information.
  • Questions?  Visit our FAQ section or contact IHRA’s Permanent Office at info [at]
  • Ready to start your application? Register with IHRA's online application system.