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Wallenberg Memorial Inaugurated in Budapest


A memorial to Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg was inaugurated on 17 June in central Budapest.

Wallenberg and other heroes that saved people embarked on bringing hope to Hungarians in a hopeless situation, stated the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade at the ceremony.

These people saved Jews and others, risking their own life and often sacrificing it; the memorial is a sign that the Holocaust must never happen again in history, he added.

Karin Olofsdotter, the Swedish ambassador in Budapest, said that Wallenberg arrived in Hungary as a Swedish diplomat with the sole task to save as many Jewish people as possible.

The memorial, set up in Erzsébet square, was made by Hungarian-born Swedish sculptor Gustav Kraitz and bears the title “Do not forget!” Olofsdotter added that the location was chosen due to the many young people passing through the square.

Photo: Zsolt Burger