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USHMM Launches “Remember Me?” Campaign


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has launched an international initiative to identify photographs of 1,100 child survivors of World War II and the Holocaust.

These 1,100 children were among tens of thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish children who were displaced across Europe following the war.  They were taken in by relief agencies during the post-war period and held in displaced persons camps, children's homes, or other facilities.

The photographs come from collections held by the United State Holocaust Memorial Museum, the American Jewish Archives, and the Museum of Jewish Heritage.  USHMM hopes that individuals, families, and communities will assist them in their effort to identify all 1,100 of the children pictured in the photographs.

The Museum has launched a website entitled "Remember Me?" which contains all of the images for public access.  The website also includes instructions on how to submit information on an individual picture to the Museum.  In addition to the webpage, the campaign includes outreach to newspapers and online forums across the country and internationally.

As the number of survivors dwindles, this initiative is crucial in order to capture the testimonies of young eyewitnesses.