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Romanians against the Holocaust


On 19 January the Romanian Cultural Institute in London will hold an event entitled " Romanians against the Holocaust: an evening of remembrance." The event is organized by the Romanian Embassy in London and the Romanian Cultural Institute, under the aegis of the Romanian presidency of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

Opening remarks will be held by H.E. Mr Dan Mihalache, the Romanian Ambassador to the Court of St James’s  as well as a private viewing of the exhibition dedicated to the Romanian designated as “righteous among nations” by the Yad Vashem Institute. Music by Forna Quartet, will perform works composed in the Nazi ghettos and camps and there will be a film screening of: “Tombstones also Speak… Jewish Cemeteries in Moldavia and Bukovina”.

The photographic exhibition offers a biographical account of the Romanians who protected and saved Jewish individuals and communities during the Second World War as well as visual records of impressive stories of courage and humanity. The exhibition is produced by the “Elie Wiesel” National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania with the support of the US Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

The Forna Quaret performs music composed by Viktor Ullmann, Hans Krasa, Gideon Klein, Jewish composers incarcerated in the Nazi concentration and extermination system, as well as by composers, like the Romanian Ludovic Feldman, who while in hiding owed his survival to fellow countrymen and musicians George Enescu and Mihail Jora. The Forna Quaret are: Ioana Forna – violin; Ionel Manciu – violin; Francis Gallagher – viola; Mathieu Foubert – cello.

“Tombstones also Speak… Jewish Cemeteries in Moldavia and Bukovina” is a documentary film directed by Florin Costache and produced by Art Promo Foundation with the support of the Romanian Government’s Department for Interethnic Relations.

Register for the event online.