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Publication: Understanding Holocaust Education


"Understanding and Teaching Holocaust Education" by Paula Cowan and Henry Maitles, University of West of Scotland, is released by Sage Publishing. 

The Holocaust is a controversial and difficult teaching topic that needs to be approached sensitively and with an awareness of the complex and emotive issues involved. This book offers pragmatic pedagogical and classroom-based guidance for teachers and trainee teachers on how to intelligently teach holocaust education in a meaningful and age-appropriate way.

Topics covered in the publication include:

·         Practical approaches and useful resources for teaching in schools

·         Holocaust education and citizenship

·         Holocaust remembrance as an educational opportunity

·         How to explore the topic of anti-semitism in the classroom

·         Exploring international perspectives on holocaust education

To read more or to order a copy consult the Sage Publshing website

Paula Cowan is a member of the United Kingdom Delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.