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Political Capital Institute


IHRA grant recipient, Political Capital Institute, has produced a video on antisemitism in Hungary.

Political Capital describes itself as the leading political consultancy and research institute in Central Europe. As an independent firm, they offer a wide variety of consultancy and research services, including research into extremist groups and radical political tendencies. 

Political Capital received support from IHRA during the 2011 funding cycle. The funded project “Combating Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories as Tools for Political Mobilization - Research, Awareness Raising and Education” examined the prevalence, content and functions of antisemitic conspiracy theories in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The research results let to an awareness raising campaign in Hungary of which this video is one element. The campaign aims at academic audiences, experts, journalists, educators as well as students and young people. Another outcome of the project is the establishment of an educational program to combat antisemitic conspiracy theories, which also received support from the Zachor Foundation.










Dr. Péter Krekó, Director of the Political Capital Institute attended the IHRA Conference “The Holocaust in Public Discourse. Use and Abuse”, on 6 November 2015. Dr. Krekó sat on the panel 'Political Discourse and the Use of the Holocaust'. He pointed out how antisemitic conspiracy theories feed into antisemitism in general, as it is for example the case with the conspiracy theory that Jews want to dominate the world of finance. The videos of the conference can be viewed here.

The Hungarian branch of Political Capital Policy Research & Consulting Institute is a member of the London based First Consulting Ltd.

For further deatils on the Political Capital's research into antisemitism, please see:

Image: Péter Krekó presents at the IHRA conference on 6 November.