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POLIN Conference on Jewish Cultural Heritage


POLIN Museum, together with HL-Senteret, invites practitioners, museum professionals, artists, project-makers who work on Jewish cultural heritage to present and share their achievements, methods of work, and experiences.

The conference is addressed to practitioners, activists and researchers who work with Jewish cultural heritage on a daily basis. The conference will explore issues related to Jewish cultural heritage in contemporary Europe – preservation, animation, engagement, and impact. For whom is Jewish cultural heritage being preserved and interpreted? What is its role in the renewal of Jewish life and memory? What is its impact on local and diasporic communities? How does Jewish cultural heritage figure in educational, artistic, and cultural programs? How is it deployed in wider historical and contemporary discourses? We will look at these issues through the prism of specific projects and initiatives – historic sites, heritage routes, museums, exhibitions, educational programs, artistic interventions, and new media. Participants will share innovative methods, ideas and good practices. Creative international networking will be the focus of the third day of the conference.

Registration and program here.

Key speakers: Dr. Diana Pinto; Ruth Ellen Gruber; Michael Peter Edson

Program director: Prof. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

Deadline: 31 March 2016, 23:45h.