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New Antisemitism Monitoring Program Launches in Hungary


The Action and Protection Foundation in Budapest has launched a new program to monitor antisemitism.

Nine antisemitic hate-crime incidents were registered in May.  The Action and Protection Foundation also operates a free hotline for reporting antisemitic incidents. 

The Action and Protection Program was established in 2012 and published its first monthly report on monitoring antisemitism in May 2013.  This program is the first time an independent civil association provides comprehensive monthly overviews on the status of antisemitism in Hungary.

The Brussels Institute, founded by the Action and Protection Foundation, carries out the monitoring of antisemitic hate crime in accordance with methods proposed by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).  In addition to the monitoring reports, the Foundation plans a comprehensive research project for 2013-2014 as well as a survey regarding the current situation concerning antisemitism. 

The program also includes the development of a differentiated training program that prepares different levels and participants of the state administration to take action against antisemitic incidents, in the form of teaching materials for curricula and further education.  The program is financed by private donations, funding bids, and state subsidies. 

The Hungarian government supports the establishment of the monitoring system to provide scientific analytical reports on Hungarian antisemitic phenomena as well as the responses given to them.  The Brussels Institute and the Hungarian government signed an agreement on 27 June 2013, which also prepares a basis for the use of relevant data in judicial, criminal, and other state administrative databanks in order to achieve the highest possible monitoring and research objectives.

More information on the monitoring program is available here.