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IOE Honored in Education Rankings


The Institute of Education (IOE), a college of the University of London, has been ranked as the world's leading university for education in the 2014 QS World University Rankings.

For an introduction to the IOE’s work, including its role in Holocaust education, watch this short film.

Centre for Holocaust Education, IOE, University of London

The IOE is home to some 30 specialist research centres. Its Centre for Holocaust Education is the first worldwide to combine extensive research into the needs of teachers and students studying the Holocaust with a program of teacher development and educational materials specifically designed to meet the challenges posed by this complex and emotionally-challenging subject.

Staff from the Centre for Holocaust Education at the IOE are members of the UK Delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. Sir Andrew Burns, Chair of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, has recognized that the IOE’s work is at the leading edge of Holocaust education: “The IOE’s approach marks a shift away from simple ‘lessons of the Holocaust’ to genuine engagement with the complexity of the past, and deep learning about one of the most traumatic events in human history. What is remarkable is the extent to which such complexity is made accessible to pupils through the IOE’s teaching and learning materials.”