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"Introduction to Holocaust and Genocide Studies" Course Offered at Helsinki Summer School


Helsinki Summer School will offer an "Introduction to Holocaust and Genocide Studies" course during its program this summer.

Helsinki Summer School is a three-week academic event organized every August by the universities in the Helsinki, Finland area.  Students from over 60 countries participate in one of 18 multidisciplinary courses, all taught in English, which combine academics with cultural and social activities.

The "Introduction to Holocaust and Genocide Studies" course was designed in conjunction with the Department of World Cultures at the University of Helsinki.  The Department of World Cultures has been in cooperation with the Dutch-Nordic Network for Holocaust and Genocide Studies in preparation to launch the first systematic research effort in the field of Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Finland.  The network is a research community consisting of Northern European research organizations specializing in Holocaust, genocide, and minority studies.  These network partners will also assist in the organization of the summer course.

The course will include a unit on the Finnish experience during World War II, as well as an excursion to Estonia to visit Holocaust-related sites in Tallinn and the Klooga concentration camp.  Key speakers presenting during the course include ITF delegates Cecilie Stokholm Banke from Denmark, Alain Goldschläger from Canada, and Wichert ten Have from the Netherlands.

The program will take place from August 9-25, and further details can be found on their website.  Specific information on the "Introduction to Holocaust and Genocide Studies" course can be found in the flyer and course schedule.