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IHRA Plenary Meetings to be held in Budapest and Debrecen


Hungarian IHRA Chair Szabolcs Takács announced in Debrecen (Hungary) that the IHRA would hold its plenary meetings in Budapest and Debrecen.

Speaking in the renovated Pásti Street Orthodox Synagogue of Debrecen, Mr. Szabolcs Takács, State Secretary highlighted that the goals of the Hungarian IHRA Chairmanship are to increase the importance and presence of the IHRA, and to reduce antisemitism, xenophobia and hate speech. Coming to terms with the genocide of the Roma and the current situation of Roma communities in IHRA member countries will also be on the agenda of the Hungarian Chairmanship.

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The IHRA will hold its plenary session in Budapest from 8–11 June, and in Debrecen from 2–5 November.