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History of the Jews in the Balkans and digital story-telling


From 6 to 8 May, the fourth annual seminar “History of the Jews in the Balkans and digital story-telling” was organised by Centropa and held in the 'Holocaust Memorial Center of the Jews from Macedonia' in Skopje .

The seminar brought together teachers and professors from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia and provided an excellent platform for highlighting selected class projects from schools in these countries, as well as for receiving practical examples and guidelines on how the students could make their own short films.

The participants learned how to use the interview and photo databases, how to use the film section and the teaching materials, and finally how to set up an account so that they can contribute their own materials to the Centropa website. They also discussed various topics such as the importance of cross-cultural projects, the anti-Jewish legislation and antisemitism before the Second World War.

The seminar was organized by Centropa from Vienna, with the support of Claims Conference and the embassies of Austria and the United States in Skopje.