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"A French Memory, 1939-1946"

Roma program at memorial 2010

The persecution of the Roma in France from 1939-1946

Throughout 2010, the Shoah Memorial in Paris, in partnership with the Resource Center for Fnasat-gens du voyage, will be offering a series of cultural events linked to the program "A French Memory, 1939-1946".

These events aim to raise awareness about and explore the fate of the Roma and Sinti in France during World War II, as well as offer a tribute to all the victims of the Roma genocide.

The terms and characteristics of the persecution of Roma and Sinti in Europe in the years leading up to World War II present a very complex and unique historical case study in persecution. Sixty years after the Roma genocide, the program on offer will provide the general public with an opportunity to meet researchers, filmmakers, and survivors who are trying to publicize this difficult history, of which little is known to this day.

From 8-15 April, the Shoah Memorial will host a cycle of documentary films on the subject. The complete program is available in French on the Shoah Memorial's website. On this occasion, the ITF's Joint Working Group Committee on the Roma Genocide will meet in Paris. Discussions will focus on how to improve education about the persecution of the Roma during World War II, and will be an opportunity for scholars and educators from several countries to meet and acquaint thesmelves with ongoing projects on the subject taking place in France.