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Bid to set up Holocaust study centre in Glasgow


The Scottish Jewish Archives Centre is looking to set up the Holocaust-era study and research centre in Glasgow.

A spokesman for the centre said: “Based on our research, the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre has found there is a distinct demand and requirement for a Scottish Holocaust-era study centre.

“There are clear and unique benefits for Scotland in education, research, community activity and tourism to be derived from this project.”

It is understood that funding for the proposed project could come from the Heritage Lottery fund as the centre plans to make an application. It is also hoped members of the public will donate. The Scottish Government funded a study into the benefits of having such a centre and the move comes as a result.

Of the estimated 10,000 Jewish children who were separated from their parents and taken to the UK via an operation called Kindertransport, approximately 400 of these came to Scotland.

Many of them settled in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. East Renfrewshire is home to one of Scotland's largest Jewish communities.