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Rabbinical Commision for Jewish Cemeteries in Poland

Komisja rabiniczna ds. Cmentarzy
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Rabbi Michael Schudrich
Chief Rabbi of Poland
Agnieszka Nieradko
Research Coordinator

The Rabbinical Commission for Jewish Cemeteries in Poland (RCC) was created in 2002 and has in recent years intensified its work on Holocaust mass grave sites. Attaching particular importance to a trustful relationship with local communities, the RCC has been very successful in its aspirations to locate hitherto unmarked mass graves. As of 2015, 25 sites have been commemorated in cooperation with the Lasting Memory Foundation. With “Avar le Atid – Past for the Future”, a joint project initiated together with the Polish-German Foundation for Reconciliation in 2014, 79 mass graves in about 50 locations could already be identified. The Foundation “The Forgotten”, set up by RCC members, seeks to establish the first Polish database of Jewish war graves.

See Rabbi Michael Schudrich's (pp. 79-84) and Agnieszka Nieradko’s (pp. 175-178) contributions in the IHRA “Killing Sites” volume.

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