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Sturdy Colls, Caroline

Type of Entry: 
Individual Expert
Sturdy Colls, Caroline

Caroline Sturdy Colls is Associate Professor of Forensic Archeology and Genocide Investigation at Staffordshire University. She conducts the Holocaust Landscapes Project focused on locating, recording and interpreting the physical evidence of the Holocaust. Developing the concept of “Holocaust Archeology”, a non-invasive methodology was applied, catering for the scientific, ethical and religious aspects and needs regarding investigations at sites of mass murder.  In this context the first archaeological surveys of the former extermination camp at Treblinka (Poland), the sites pertaining to the slave labour programme in Alderney (the Channel Islands), and the former Semlin Judenlager and Anhaltelager (Belgrade) were conducted. Publications include her monograph “Holocaust Archeologies: Approaches and Future Directions” (2015).

See Caroline Sturdy Colls' contribution to the IHRA "Killing Sites" volume.

Country based in: 
United Kingdom
Countries active in: 
Poland, Serbia