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Holocaust Memorial Days

Multi-Year Work Plan on Holocaust Memorial Days

The Holocaust Memorial Days project of the Multi-Year Work Plan seeks to coordinate a visit of IHRA representatives to participate in programs related to Holocaust Memorial Day with a view to foster Holocaust education, remembrance and research, promote the goals of the Stockholm Declaration, and raise awareness about the work of the IHRA. 

The project aims to:

Working Structure

The IHRA has four core Working Groups, covering the three principal areas of activity within the organization as well as communications.  The Working Groups consist of experts in each area appointed to their national IHRA delegation by member countries.

Permanent Office

The Permanent Office was established on 11 March 2008 in Berlin, Germany.  The Permanent Office (PO) was created in order to ensure continuity between Chairmanships and manage the administrative activities of the IHRA. 

Primary responsibilities of the Permanent Office include providing assistance to the Chairmanship, Working Groups, delegations, and other IHRA bodies, facilitating internal and external communication, and administrating the Grant Programme.   


The Chairmanship of the IHRA rotates annually on a voluntary basis.  Each Chairmanship appoints a Chair to serve for the duration of the Chairmanship.  The Chair is responsible for the overall activities of the IHRA and also represents the IHRA internationally.

A ceremony is held each year to mark the handover to a new Chairmanship.  This handover ceremony takes place in February or March at the embassy of the new Chair country in Berlin.


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