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Yad Vashem

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Lea Prais
Project Director
David Silberklang
Senior Historian, Yad Vashem Studies Editor

The "Killing Sites" project of Yad Vashem’s International Institute for Holocaust Research resulted in two databases: the “Online Guide of Murder Sites of Jews in the Former USSR” and the online-platform “The Untold Stories: The Murder Sites of the Jews in the Occupied Territories of the Former USSR”. The “Online Guide” contains brief information on more than 2,570 killing sites in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia, whereas “Untold Stories” combines a variety of sources including documents, press articles, memoirs, photographs and video material. It presents 300 Jewish communities before and during WWII, provides detailed information on murder sites, and shows post-war commemoration.

See Lea Prais' contribution to the IHRA "Killing Sites" volume.

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Belarus, International, Latvia, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Ukraine