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11 June 2015 —The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) successfully concluded its Plenary meetings in Budapest. The meetings were held from from 8-11 June, 2015.
From 27-28 May the IHRA Chair, Szbolcs Takacs, and the IHRA Executive Secretary, Dr Kathrin Meyer, carried out a visit to Kiev, Ukraine.
On 24 April 2015 Szabolcs Takács, Ministerial Commissioner of the Prime Minister’s Office and 2015 Chairman of the IHRA received Ambassadors of the IHRA’s 31 member states and 8 observer states to mark the start of Hungary’s Chairmanship of the organisation and introduces the Hungarian Chairmanship programme.
On 22 April the Hungarian Embassy in London organized a panel discussion in the House of Lords to mark the handover of the Chairmanship of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) from the UK to Hungary.
Watch a video of the IHRA Handover. On 9 March 2015, Hungary assumed the Chairmanship of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.
More than 2,000,000 Jews were killed by shooting during the Holocaust in several thousand mass killing sites throughout Europe and yet these killing sites remain relatively unknown. The new publication issued by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) aims to raise awareness of this centrally important aspect of the Holocaust by bringing together organizations and individuals dealing with the subject.
IHRA Chair's Statement regarding the planned Holocaust Denial Competition in Iran: IHRA’s 31 member countries stand united in their efforts to uphold the terrible truth of the Holocaust against those who deny it.
IHRA Chair's Statement Regarding the Shootings in Denmark: As the Chair of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and on behalf of all its members, I am deeply saddened by the fatal shootings which took place in Copenhagen on 14-15 February.
IHRA Chair's Statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2015: Today we in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance come together, 31 member countries, 8 observer countries and 7 permanent international partners, to commemorate the victims and the survivors of the Holocaust. 2015 is a year of many important anniversaries, including the 20th anniversary of the Bosnian genocide at Srebrenica.
International Holocaust Remembrance Day is commemorated worldwide on 27 January in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.