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IHRA Conference on Education about the Holocaust


15 Feburary marked the opening of the IHRA international research conference on education about the Holocaust, in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The conference was opened by Ambassador Michael Baier, Austrian Special Envoy for IHRA issues, who was representing the IHRA on behalf of the IHRA Chair, Ambassador Benno Baettig, incoming IHRA Chair 2017, and Christian Amsler, Government Council of the Schaffhausen Canton.

After 15 years of grand but unsubstantiated claims about the transformative effect of teaching and learning about the Holocaust, the IHRA has gathered and analysed empirical research from 30 countries in 15 languages. This conference will gather researchers, educators, policy-makers, and funders to disseminate and discuss the results of this ground-breaking project.

IHRA's International Research Conference on Education about the Holocaust
Date: (14) 15-16 (17) February 2016 
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland 

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs released the following press release.
A detailed description of the conference and the program can be found on the website of the University of Teacher Education in Lucerne.
The research presented at the conference will be published as part of the IHRA publication series.