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IHRA Blog: Seeking Protection


The IHRA is proud to present its new blog, “Seeking Protection”, which explores how our knowledge of the refugee situation before, during and after the Holocaust can be relevant for understanding the current refugee situation. The blog aims to serve as a resource centre for educators and as a platform for guest bloggers to reflect on the topic of refugees.

As IHRA’s Honorary Chairman Yehuda Bauer said at the IHRA Plenary in November 2015, "while analogies are simplistic and erroneous, the causes for the present crises are similar to those of 70-80 years ago. The results could be the same, if nothing is done to prevent them."  An overwhelming number of IHRA experts from different fields felt a strong need to contribute their expertise to the current situation and how it is approached in classrooms, seminars, and in broader discussions.

Every week, “Seeking Protection” will present  educational materials and best practices, articles, and opinion pieces with the aim of raising awareness, sparking discussion, and sharing knowledge and expertise. We invite you to read our first post and share your thoughts. We also encourage you to contribute to the blog. If you know of relevant educational materials, would like to share your experiences, or contribute an opinion piece, please read our contribution guidelines.