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Daniel Libeskind


Daniel Libeskind, renowned architect, generously offered his own design for a logo as a gift to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

The logo is a black and white circular motif.  Libeskind chose the shape of a globe in order to emphasize the international and intergovernmental character of the IHRA. The globe shape has a white space in the middle which can be seen as an hourglass, a symbol of time's steady passage and the necessity of memory. The space can also be interpreted as a perspective on the Holocaust that treats Holocaust remembrance as an infinite historical point and a guiding light in the distance as a goal on the horizon on memory.

Daniel Libeskind said: “I offered this logo to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance because these issues are very near to my heart and an important cornerstone to my work. The sad truth is that antisemitism, and xenophobia, still exist today and we must do everything we can to shed light on the tragedies of the past to ensure a better future.”

“The new logo of the IHRA encapsulates both its international scope and its focus on Holocaust remembrance,” said IHRA Chair Dr. Mario Silva.  “The IHRA is deeply appreciative of Daniel Libeskind’s gift and looks forward to its future with this unique visual identity.”  

Read the press release from Studio Daniel Libeskind here.