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New Post – 24 October 2013

Thanks to IHRA delegates for a successful plenary in Toronto, including the following key decisions to:

  • Adopt a working definition of Holocaust denial and distortion [link], which will support the IHRA goal of combating anti-Semitism by more accurately defining this continuing issue;
  • Advance the Multi-Year Work Plan with additional funding for research into killing sites outside of the death camps, access to Holocaust archives and to develop capacity for memorial day activities;
  • Approve inaugural IHRA working rules;
  • Include issues concerning the Roma genocide as part of Country Reporting requirements;
  • Raise concerns with appropriate authorities about planned EU regulations for data protection to ensure that they do not result in the destruction of archival material related to the Holocaust;
  • Accept Uruguay as a new observer country;
  • Establish a Yehuda Bauer Grant to recognize one outstanding project proposal submitted through the IHRA Grant Program each year;
  • Prepare annual public Chair reports to highlight achievements of IHRA and member states; and
  • Endorse Hungary as the IHRA Chair for 2015.

For more information on the IHRA meetings and events held October 6-10, 2013, please visit the following link: