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Annual Report


On Tuesday, February 25, Dr. Mario Silva, Canadian IHRA Chair, formally passed the Chairmanship to the United Kingdom and Sir Andrew Burns.

Canada assumed the Chairmanship of IHRA in March 2013 and committed to raising Holocaust awareness and combating antisemitism, both in Canada and internationally. Key accomplishments are included in an inaugural annual public report, a Canadian Chairmanship initiative to highlight the activities and accomplishments throughout the past year.

Among others, it notes two international IHRA Plenary meetings that brought together experts and policy makers from 31 member countries, 4 observer countries, and 6 permanent observer organizations, the achievement of international consensus on a working definition of Holocaust denial and distortion, and the acceptance of Uruguay as an observer country.  In addition, the report presents information on the IHRA Grant Programme, IHRA’s Multi-Year Work Plan, and the Canadian Chairmanship’s efforts to raise awareness of IHRA internationally.

Canada’s commitment to support Holocaust remembrance and education remains strong. “The Government of Canada is committed to supporting Holocaust remembrance and education across the country and internationally,” said Jason Kenney, Minister for Multiculturalism. “Canada’s goals going into our chair year were ambitious, and I’m proud of the progress we’ve made to ensure the universal lessons of the tragedy that was the Holocaust will not be forgotten.”

The report is available for download as a PDF in English and French.