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Zagreb Hosts Jewish Film Festival



Zagreb will present the 6th annual Jewish Film Festival from 20-26 May 2012.

The Jewish Film Festival is a unique event which educates about the Holocaust and promotes Jewish culture, as well promoting the dialogue between nations on tolerance and acceptance of diversity.  The topic of this year's Festival is tolerance.

The 2012 program includes screenings of more than 50 films in the categories of feature, documentary, and short film.  The Festival also features music, meetings with world renowned directors, producers, and actors, exhibitions, and other events.

Educational sessions held during the mornings of the Festival are among the most important segments of the event.  These sessions try to make the tragedy of the Holocaust more understandable to young people.  This program was launched in 2009, during the 3rd Jewish Film Festival, and it received a recommendation from the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.  The educational sessions have been attended by more than 4000 pupils so far.

More information about the Festival can be found at: The complete film program can be seen at the following link: