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Visas For Freedom Exhibition goes to Israel

Visas For Freedom Exhibition

The "Visas for Freedom: Spanish diplomats and the Holocaust" exhibition sponsored by Casa Sefarad-Israel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain,  is to travel to Israel for the first time.

The Diaspora Museum (Beth Hatefutsoth) at Tel Aviv University, will host the exhibition, which displays the heroic work done by Spanish diplomats to save the lives of Jewish people being hounded by the Nazi regime, in February and April. The opening ceremony will be attended by representatives of Casa Sefarad-Israel on Febraury 18th. The exhibition pays homage to the humanitarian work carried out on their own initiative and in very difficult circumstances by Spanish diplomats in territories administered by German or collaborationist governments in occupied countries. Eduardo Propper de Callejón and Bernardo Rolland de Miota in France; Santiago Romero Radigales in Grecia; Julio Palencia in Bulgaria; José de Rojas in Rumania; and Ángel Sanz Briz in Hungary, all acted bravely and decisively, taking advantage of Spanish-German friendship to broaden their scope for action and to help persecuted Jewish people. "Visas for Freedom. Spanish diplomats and the Holocaust" uses information panels and videos to tell us about their lives and deeds.