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Spanish Court dissolves the neo-Nazi organization “Sangre y Honor”

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The judges of the Third Section of the Provincial Court of Madrid decided last week to dissolve the neo-Nazi organization Blood and Honour Spain ("Sangre y Honor" in Spanish), condemning 15 of the 18 defendants to prison terms ranging from one year to three and a half years. The decision is a clear stand against antisemitism and Holocaust denial in the country.

"Sangre y Honor" was the Spanish faction of an international neo-Nazi group of the same name established in Britain 1987, and has been linked to the so-called 'Skinhead' movement. In their decision to dissolve the organisation, judges considered evidence of its direct ideological links with National Socialist ideas, reflected in its use of antisemitic rhetoric and its expressed allegiance to Hitler. "Sangre y Honor" are said to have used as a symbol the distinctive emblem of the Third Division of the SS Totenkopf, and to have included in their statutes the phrase "the end is victory. Adolf Hitler." According to the judges of the Third Section of the Provincial Court, members of the dissolved association promoted racist ideology by asserting "the superiority of the Aryan race and the inferiority of other races", in particular of the mixing of races, "and the phobic rejection of and violence against immigrants." The neo-Nazi group also sought to deny the Holocaust as part of its antisemitic ideology.