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Online Holocaust Education tools in Romania


Holocaust education has been one of the main objectives pursued by the Romanian IHRA Chairmanship in 2016 with a view to raise awareness about the necessity to teach the new generations about the dangerous consequences of this tragedy.

With this in mind, the Romanian IHRA Chairmanship has supported all the initiatives that focused on education, especially the online ones, as they are an adequate response to the young generations’ interests.

  1. The Virtual Museum of the Holocaust in North-Western Transylvania

The project was developed by a team from the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the Babes –Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca, led by assistant professor Augusta Costiuc Radosav. The content of the project is in Romanian and can be accessed free-of-charge. It presents the history of the Jews in Transylvania with concrete data and images, maps of the ghettos and camps, etc. The project is ideal as an educational tool in classrooms and an additional source of information for students.

  1. Interactive lessons about the Holocaust in Romania

The project is developed by the `Elie Wiesel` National Institute for the Study pf the Holocaust in Romania. The lessons are in Romanian and can be used by professors in classrooms as they represent a supplementary pedagogical instrument, facilitating the use of maps, documents, photos, short films. The particular part of this project is that it contains interviews with the survivors of the Holocaust in Romania, so that students can have direct access to information about their experiences.

  1. Facebook campaign about the victims from the Iasi Pogrom called #numenunumere (names not numbers)

The campaign was organized by the Centre for the Study of the Jewish History in Romania and focuses on the lives of the numerous victims of the Iasi Pogrom. As in June 2016 marked 75 years since the Iasi Pogrom, the project was intended to present short biographies of some of the Iasi Pogrom victims via Facebook, thereby responding to the interest of the younger generation in Romania and helping them understand history.

  1. Online exhibitions organized under the Romanian IHRA Chairmanship

The Romanian IHRA Chairmanship organized with the support of the `Elie Wiesel` National Institute for the Study pf the Holocaust in Romania three thematic exhibitions which can be accessed online:

  1. Education and Memory. The Holocaust in Romania

The „Education and Memory. The Holocaust in Romania” ​exhibition  focused on the main activities organized by Romania during its 2016 Chairmanship of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

  1. Iasi Pogrom

In 2016 we commemorate 75 years since the tragic event of the Iasi Pogrom and during the year of the Romanian IHRA Chairmanship a special exhibition on this topic was prepared. 

  1. Righteous among nations

This exhibition presents to the public the stories of the Romanian rescuers that were brave enough in order to jeopardize their lives to save Jews from death. Because of their actions, these people received the honour of being righteous among nations, a title given by the Yad Vashem Institute as a sign of appreciation for their contribution in saving the lives of their fellows and in observing democratic values in times of crisis.

Image: IHRA Chair speaks at opening of exhibition Education and Remembrance. The Holocaust in Romania in Brussels on 8 February.