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Lithunian Students Participate in “Memory Road” Commemoration


On 23 September the International Historical Commission invited almost 200 Lithuanian educational institutions to participate in the civic initiative “Memory Road” to retrace the memory of numerous Lithuanian Jewish communities destroyed during the Holocaust.

In different parts of Lithuania the students walked to various memorial sites, retracing the path of the victims killed at the sites during the Holocaust.

Almost 400 students from 15 schools (Vilnius, Kaunas district, Druskininkai, Varena) walked a section of historical road to the Paneriai Holocaust Memorial Complex.

While preparing for the commemoration the students researched the local Jewish communities by collecting information about the people, their customs, traditions, their way of life and activities in which they were involved. On the path to the sites students carried stones with the names of Jewish victims found by the students during their research. The stones are intended to be a reminder about the people killed during the Holocaust who formerly lived in the various towns and cities.  At the memorial sites the stones were arranged into symbolic memory path.

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