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International EHRI workshop on online access to Holocaust-related documentation


From 6 to 8 June 2017, the international workshop 'Online Access of Holocaust Documents: Ethical and Practical Challenges' organized by the Elie Wiesel National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania within the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure program, took place in Bucharest.

The three-day workshop was dedicated to exchanging experiences, knowledge and good practices concerning the Holocaust research infrastructure with a focus on the open access to documents.

Professionals on Data Protection regulation, archivists, historians, researchers and experts in Digital Humanities representing museums and research institutions from the United States, Israel and Europe debated the topic of open access to archives. Best digital practices and projects implemented were presented as well as challenges faced by collection holding institutions - legal, practical and ethical. One panel was dedicated to the users’ expectations of the online accessibility of the Holocaust documents.

The workshop was attended by professionals from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Yad Vashem Institute, International Tracing Service (ITS); The Wiener Library; Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism from Tel Aviv University; University of Calabria, Laboratory in History, Philosophy, and Politics, Department of Political and Social Sciences; Archives of Contemporary History, ETH Zurich; Memorial Democratic; State Archive in Lodz,  Malach Centre for Visual History, Institute for Formal and Applied Linguistics, Charles University, Witold Pilecki Center for Totalitarian Studies, Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People Jerusalem (CAHJP); Museum of Genocide Victims, Belgrade; Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies, University of Texas; `Elie Wiesel` National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania.

The workshop program also included visits to the National Archives of Romania and to The National Council for the Study of Securitate`s Archives.