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IHRA Chair’s Statement on the EU Incorporating International Holocaust Remembrance Day into its Official Calendar


As Chair of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA, formerly the ITF), I would like to express my appreciation for the European Union's placement of 27 January, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, on its official calendar.

Remembrance is at the core of IHRA's mandate, and the Stockholm Declaration commits all member countries "commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and to honour those who stood against it."

All 31 IHRA member countries, including the 23 that are also EU member states, reflect this commitment by holding annual national commemorations on 27 January.

The IHRA's focus on Holocaust Memorial Days encompasses several activities.  The IHRA's Grant Strategy includes a program encouraging applicants to develop strategies for Holocaust Memorial Days in a way that injects substance, real meaning, and educational value into these events.  The IHRA has also devoted a part of its new multi-year work plan to this topic.

The IHRA will continue its efforts to promote meaningful and content-rich Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations around the world and stands ready to cooperate with the EU and other international institutions in this regard.