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Greek Government Issues Statement Condemning Incident of Holocaust Denial


The Greek Government's spokesman Minister Pantelis Kapsis issued a statement on 14 May denouncing the comments from the Golden Dawn party.

Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, chairman of the Greek far-right Golden Dawn party, stated the he believed there were no gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps and that the number of victims was an "exaggeration."

The Golden Dawn party received nearly seven percent of the vote in Greece's elections on 6 May.

Government officials called his comments "an insult to the history of Greece," and government spokesman Minister Pantelis Kapsis released a statement which read, "I most categorically condemn such views, which distort history and offend the memory of millions of Holocaust victims.  The Greek people have not forgotten that they too mourned the death hundreds of thousands of people who were victims of the Nazis, among them tens of thousands of Greek Jews.  We honor their memory and stand against any attempt to forget, to falsify facts and revive intolerance."