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Government of Canada Announces Finalists to Develop Design Concepts for National Holocaust Monument


The Canadian government has invited six teams that were chosen as finalists in a design competition to create concepts for the future National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa.

“Canada remembers the suffering of the millions of innocent victims of the Holocaust,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Baird. “This monument will preserve their memory and also educate visitors of all faiths and traditions about the causes and risks of hate.”

A call for qualifications was launched in May 2013 inviting teams of professional artists, architects, landscape architects and other design professionals to submit their credentials and examples of prior work. The six finalists were chosen by a jury made up of internationally renowned art and design professionals, a representative from the National Holocaust Monument Development Council and a Holocaust survivor.

Ministers Glover and Baird said that they were pleased with the high calibre of the teams, which shows the importance of the project. In the next few months, these teams will be developing their designs which will be presented to the National Holocaust Monument jury in the winter of 2014. Prior to the jury selection, a public exhibition of the models will take place, at which members of the public will have the opportunity to meet the artists and share their opinions on each design. Their comments will be compiled and shared with the jury.

A list of finalists is available at